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Feedback From Applicants and Their Spouses

This page contains feedback from people who have read this site, my book or both and are trying to get a visa for a Thai. The feedback is meant as an early warning for people trying for a visa now.

Please note, that glitches or changes here may be permanent or temporary.

If you have any feedback on getting a visa for a Thai, please send it in.

23rd June 2012

"Today was our appointed date at 08.45 to attend the Uk Border Agency office in Bangkok...which we duly did".

"HOWEVER, yesterday afternoon at 4.45pm we were telephoned by the Border Agency while we were in a noisy shopping arcade to tell us we were required to bring a Bank Cashiers cheque for payment of all visa fees and that Cash and Credit Cards were NO LONGER acceptable as payment!!!!!!!!!!feedback".

"It was extreemly difficult to understand the womans poor English as to the amount we were supposed to bring,before she rang OFF!!!!! As it was now almost 5pm by now we were unable to get an answer to our call to the Agency. Consequently, we dropped everything and took a Taxi to the nearest bank to arrange a Bank Cheque. I understood it to be 3,500 Bht so bought a cheque for that amount".

"However, upon turning up today; Joy was advised that this was the wrong amount and we must go back (on a saturday morning) to await bank's opening up and buy a cheque for the correct amount 3,900 Bht. The 400Bht balance was not payable in CASH!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWEVER, The Saturday Overtime' fee of 1,500Bht WAS!!!! All the other UK Applicants faced a similar dillema, and ALL had no idea that cash/Credit Cards were not longer acceptable whatsoever".

"This new system seems to be a suprise to everyone---even some of the Thais there today. It certainly does not (yet?) appear on the website as NO ONE there today knew about it. IT WAS EXTREEMLY ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING FOR ALL CONCERNED TODAY AND I IMAGINE WILL BE FOR SOMETIME TO COME. I suggest you warn all your prospective book readers as soon as possible".

David and Joy

Update - 25th June 2012

"I didn't tell you in my last email,but one elderly English feller turned up with his new Thai wife and having appointed an ENGLISH lawyer in the UK to deal with his application,arrived with a cheque (per his lawyers advise!!)) for 820 pounds draw on a Halifax UK Bank. God only knows how that will work,especially as he also found out that it should have been 950 pounds/equivelent in BHT. I am afraid I didn't stay (or wish to stay) for the outcome!!!!!!!!!!!".

David and Joy

7th July 2012

Dear Owen, I just thought you would like to know that the Visa application to the Uk Border Agency for my partner Joy has been SUCCESSFUL. Infact she was granted a 180 day Multiple entry visa although she only asked for a 2 month period; August--October. We are absolutely delighted of course. However, without the aid of your book "Visas for Thais" we would probably NOT have been successful on our own as the information contained in the book is vital for the Application and may not be thought of without the information contained in the book.

We would also like to thank you for the email information you passed on to us when we were struggling to get an appointment sorted out!

I think that if readers of your book follow your advise carefully and pay attention to what is needed by the Border Agency that they will have no need to resort to using expensive "Visa Lawyers" Nevertheless,with all these applications,"Patience is a virtue" Readers should also pay special attention to the new payment rules for applications,details of which I know you have now included in your book.

Once again, very many thanks for your help.

Our best wishes, David and Joy.

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